Why the property valuers are involved in the valuation of house process?

Last year a staggering 60 tonnes of old directory paper was recycled in Cornwall, of which 45 tonnes were collected via schools. The difficulty with yellow-stained paper is that it cannot enter the usual waste paper chain, so Cornwall Paper Company’s clever process removes the directory spines, and then shreds the paper to become a locally-sold animal bedding product called Newshred. This scheme just seems to go from strength to strength, and with this range of prizes I am sure we will have another massive response from schools.

The letters, which are being sent by a number of different firms, imply that a fee of over £100 is payable. I advise data controllers to ignore any approach made by these companies, who appear to be charging up to £95 +VAT for notification. We have issued warnings in the past asking local businesses to be wary of firms that charge excessive fees for services that are normally available free. Whilst it is not illegal to make a charge for a service that another person could carry out themselves, I am very concerned that local businesses may not be aware that they can register themselves for only £35.

Pupils and staff at Cape Cornwall School in St Just will officially launch the new Cornish Key scheme at their school on Monday, February 4th when they demonstrate using the cards for electronic registration. The 580 pupils and 40 staff at Cape Cornwall School have been chosen to pilot using the cards for electronic registration and, later, for ‘paying’ for school meals. The aim of this part of the project is to help save staff time and provide more accurate information on everyone in the school.

When the pupil is asked to pay for their school meal, they simply present their Cornish Key and the till will automatically deduct the required number of tokens from the card. We hope this will help to reduce the problems of pupils losing their dinner money or having it stolen. This is going to be good for the staff, good for the pupils, and will help parents and the school to ensure that pupils get a better education by ensuring that parents’ wishes are met and by releasing teachers from administrative work.  click here for details : Valuations NSW


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