The work of Property Valuation must be vested on the shoulder of property valuer

Since property valuation involves loads of calculation and investigation .It requires an expert to do the process of property valuation. Adelaide Property Valuers has done their education in the area of property valuation, The 300 sq m store at 95 Bridge St, formerly the Just $2 Shop, will be the company’s 22 nd shop nationwide. Nelson restaurateur Zviki Eshet is poised to sell one of the four Wakefield Quay restaurant operations he is involved in. Barker Holdings owner Graham Barker declined to comment on the sale deal today, saying it was not appropriate since it had not been confirmed.

But real estate agency Bayleys Realty Group said it understood the plan was to rename and revamp the Fish Bizzare. Mr Barker already owns the Chez Eelco Coffee House and Harbour side Motor Lodge, and co-owns the Anchor Bar and Grill and Castaways Bar. they have years of experience and good practical training in this area which enables them to do the entire task of valuation of property swiftly and correctly.

In property valuation loads of mathematical calculation and figures are involved which necessitates it to be rested on the shoulders of trained and well qualified valuers as it is not possible for ordinary property owner to do such complex work of valuation. Members of the Motueka Returned Services Association are angered by a proposal to replace access to the Motueka Cemetery with a new road through a 57-section subdivision planned by Wakatu Incorporation.

The property valuers with their year long experience with complete the entire property valuation work without any factual error or miscalculation in it. He said having to drive through a brand new subdivision would also expose cemetery visitors to residents. Motueka Community Board member Richard Hornell said potential parking problems and the possibility of gates being erected at the cemetery entrance had startled some people and prompted a submission against the plan from the board.


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