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Unsecured Loans – Ensure Finance Without Risks

What does this say?AUDIENCE Brand name. ASWATH DOMODARAN Brand name– oh, that’s a big one.That’s $ right now.And if that doesn’t work, I have my two trump cards.What does this say?AUDIENCE Strategic consideration. ASWATH DOMODARAN Strategic– thatis the most dangerous word.When I hear the word, strategic, I’m running out of the door.Because you know what it means?

estate property

The numbers don’t fly, but I really, really,really want to do this.A strategic deal is a really stupid deal.But you really want to do this.A strategic buyer is a synonym for a stupid buyer– a buyerwho makes up his mind to buy somethingand then shows up at the table.And if nothing else works here is the trump cardthat always works.What does this say?AUDIENCE China.ASWATH DOMODARAN China.

Just mention the word.It’s amazing how common sense willleave through the other door.Take a look at earnings reports.Every company that reports it, even the most horrible,at the end they would say, but there’s China.Nothing about China, but there’s China.That alone doesn’t it.They said, China.OK, we’ll forget all of the facts.The fact that you’ve lost billions doesn’t matter.You have China.I call these weapons of mass distraction.You know they come out because the numbers don’t fly.In fact, I have a very simple test.When I read an analyst’s report, I count the number of times these words show up.I have a list of a dozen.And the more times these words show up,the less substance there is to that report,because this it’s what you use when you can’t come up with a real reason for doing something.So here’s my first proposition.It’s called the It Proposition. View more detail:

If it does not affect the cash flows and it does not affectrisk, it cannot affect values.And what’s it?Whatever it is controls synergy.I’m not saying, control doesn’t have value.But if you tell me control has value,tell me what it’s going to change.Maybe by controlling this company,you’re going to run it differently,generating different cash flows, maybe by synergy, saying,my revenues will grow faster.Let’s talk about specifics.

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Property Valuation and Your Retirement

14convert your story into a number.So let me use a very simple example to kind illustrate this.I want to pick somebody who’s never done a valuation before.And we’re going to do some Valuation .Anybody who’s never done a valuation before?OK, you can be my Guinea pig.I can’t move too far away, because Have to be on the camera.But this is an empty envelope.I’m not David Copperfield, no magic tricks.

So here’s what I’m going to do.I’m going to put a $ bill.It’s a little crumpled, but it’s legal tender still.How much should you pay for this envelope?Don’t think too long.That’s what gets us in trouble.AUDIENCE $SWATHS RANDOM First rule in valuation,if you pay $ for an envelope with $, you get nothing.So let’s try again.How much should you pay for this envelope?AUDIENCE $SWATHS RANDOM Go $you never know what disease I have.I might not be able to read numbers.First rule in valuation– if you know the value of something,don’t throw it on the table.You know the value of a company.Don’t offer that value up front.

Because then what do you have left for yourself?Put it in your back pocket, start really low,and then build up.But this is such a transparent asset value,that if I put it up for a bidding war,my guess is, by the end of the bidding,you’d probably get pretty close to $now I’m going to make it interesting.What is this going card say?AUDIENCE Control.SWATH RANDOM Control– I’m going to put control into this envelope.How much should you pay for this envelope now?It’s got control in it.You know what?I tried this in investment bank last week.In investment banks, you’re trained.If you put a control into a company, there’s a % premium.

I don’t know where that came from.The guy offered me $II sold it.He thought it was a game.I said, no, no, no, no, this is a real transaction.Pay me the $so guess what he’d done?He paid $ for a three by five card that I stole from NU, that cost me absolutely nothing.This is a money machine.Now that I know you like to pay for three by five cards with nice sounding words, I can say, try more.What does it say?AUDIENCE Synergy.A SWATH RANDOM Synergy– that’s a big one.I’ll throw that in there.That will probably go to.

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Property Valuation – the primary Step to require Before marketing Your Home

Westlands, a former residential suburb to the north-west of the CBD, and Nairobi Hill are now established prime office locations.

The market is supply driven. Nairobi’s well-established trade-up process continues, with prime tenants moving into decentralised space to satisfy their higher expectations. with the average space requirement falling to 1,000-2,000 sq ft (95-185 sq m). The CBD supply was dominated by T imes T ower and T eleposta T owers

Gibson said he waited in the car in the driveway as Flannery went into the house. Flannery then came out of the house and motioned Gibson inside.Shortly after that, a mail carrier blocked the car in the drive with his truck, and Edward Perry – a Spalding Drive neighbor – burst into the house and threatened the men with a machete. The men fought with Perry and took the machete from him before fleeing, chased by a police helicopter.

However, with the current depressed economic climate, coupled with rising construction costs, it seems more likely that much of the development designed for 2000 and beyond will not proceed, unless pre-let. In the absence of rental growth, future supply is expected to slow down. MarketValue of your home There is growing doubt as to how much further development can be sustained in Westlands and the Hill.

There is growing doubt as to how much further development can be sustained in Westlands and the Hill.

Another potential node of future growth is the Mombasa Road, with industrial related offices and showrooms developing alongside the adjoining Industrial Area. With Nairobi’s role as a regional hub, this area will benefit from its close proximity to the airport.

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Property holders get the maximum amount of property – Legal valuers

Retailing provision in the CBD is dominated by mixed-use developments spread throughout the city centre. However, the need for better car parking provision, security and accessibility has led to a strong shift towards suburban shopping centres, which started in the 1980s. The suburb of Westlands, dominated by Sarit Centre, has developed into a principal retail node.

Sarit Centre, which opened in 1983, continues to be the most successful shopping centre in Nairobi. Recently extended to double its previous size, it provides approximately 215,300 sq ft (20,000 sq m) of net retail space which is anchored by Uchumi. Despite lack of sufficient car parking during peak hours, the shopping centre is trading well and currently has little fear of competition in the city.

as well as local shops serving the suburbs of Muthaiga, Karen, Lavington and Parklands. Attempts to launch a district or regional mall designed to international standard, anchored by South African majors, have yet to materialise. A residential Melbourne Property Valuers are a learned expects that consolidates assessment of the land’s quality nearby its improvements made.

Site acquisition and land assembly have proved to be additional hurdles, but there are renewed indications that a site near Dagoretti Corner and Fox City on Thika Road are under active consideration.

 Kenya’s retailing market is dominated by Uchumi, who operate 16 supermarkets and two hypermarkets, the majority of which are in Nairobi. The South African based Metro Cash and Carry and their ‘Lucky 7’ franchise have recently entered the market. Barnetts and Supreme Furnishers and the Woolworth franchises are the only South African based non-food retailers currently trading in Nairobi and have faced less local competition.

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What Does a Property Valuation Report Show?

Retail rent analysis in Nairobi is distorted by the issue of ‘key money’. Key money takes the form of a premium that can be as much as three years’ rent, paid in advance, in respect of retail units in a prime pitch at the top end of the market. Rents tend to vary in accordance with unit size and frontage in addition to specific location. The 1,000 sq ft (95 sq m) shop is the norm for a boutique style trader. The rent gap between the CBD and decentralised locations closed in the mid-1990s and Westlands is now commanding higher rents than prime CBD pitches.

Deteriorating security in the city has increased the demand for large apartments in secure, managed compounds as more people move out of detached houses on individual plots. The resulting affluence in flat dwellers has led to an improvement in the design, management and security of complexes at the top of the market with amenities including a swimming pool, satellite television and health spas becoming more the norm than the exception.

Prime multi-unit complexes are led by Riverside Park and include Clanson Court in Muthaiga, Jade Valley in Westlands and the recently completed St. Austin’s Gardens in the Lavington area. Typical units within these developments are three to four bedroom flats and town houses ranging in size from 1,800-3,200 sq ft (170-300 sq m), which tend to be in annual occupation by corporate tenants, although longer term residents now appear on the rent rolls.

 Occupancy rates of over 95% would suggest continued demand for high quality multi-units that fully meet quality and management standards. Well-planned multi-unit complexes have shown equal, and sometimes better growth valuation of your property when measured against equivalent commercial developments and could continue to do so

While individual houses in prime locations such as Muthaiga, Lower Kabete and Gigiri have maintained their value, rents for detached houses are static or falling. Single houses on individual plots also suffer from high outgoings resulting in investment returns of as little as 5%.Most individual houses therefore tend to be owner occupied, with few transactions taking place in a depressed market.

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Property valuation is the process used to find properties price

Prospects for future rental growth are location specific and will be increasingly underpinned by high quality management and security. Typical inclusive rent levels in these complexes for a three to four bedroom unit will range from Kshs 60,000 per month (US$810 per month).

Large houses in Muthaiga can still attract exclusive rents in excess of Kshs 220,000 per month (US$3,000 per month). Residential prices vary similarly from Kshs 5 million (US$68,000) for a three to four bedroom middle market apartment in Westlands to Kshs 45 million (US$600,000) for a five bedroom house in Muthaiga. Home valuation services Uganda has emerged as one of sub- Saharan Africa’s relative success stories having made great economic strides after years of political turmoil and economic disintegration triggered by Idi Amin’s rise to power in 1971 improved investment and exchange regimes and privatisation of the majority of the 100 plus public enterprises said, Aaron Campbell.

 Uganda registered an average annual GDP growth rate of 6.5% in the 1990s, reaching a peak of 10.6% in 1994/95. over the two years from 1996/97 but recovered in the 1998/1999 financial year, with growth of 7.8%, as climatic conditions returned to normal.

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Property valuation deal with evaluating full property to find its price

Yields on Treasury Bills, which dictate interest rates, have been below 10% over most of the past two years. Prime lending rates have declined from over 40% in the early 1990s to a present level of 14-20% for shilling loans and below 10% for dollar loans.

Uganda’s regular rainfall and fertile land provide the basis for its diverse agricultural sector, which accounts for 43% of GDP. ganda is one of the largest producers of coffee in Africa. Other principal crops include tea, tobacco and cotton. The country also has substantial deposits of copper and cobalt. Uganda’s trade balance, at minus US$1.02 billion in 1998/1999, was down by nearly 20% from the previous year and was the first improvement in a number of years.

Coffee accounted for approximately 55% of export revenues in 1998/99, followed by tea, tobacco and fish, while the main imports were machinery and fuel. Principal trading partners include Kenya, the UK and Germany. Museveni held presidential and general elections in 1996 and was returned with 74% of the votes cast. Political parties are currently banned under the Ugandan Constitution, but a referendum is to be held in late 2000 to determine whether multi-party elections should be held in future or whether candidates should continue to run for office independently of political parties.

The city’s property stock fell into disrepair until stability resumed in the late 1980s. experienced property valuer Land tenure in Uganda is complex with four different types of title in existence. The typical lease term in urban areas is 49 years

which can, in certain cases, be extended to a maximum of 99 years. The planning system in Kampala is based along the lines of the UK model. While an established planning system with statutory development plans is in place, the City Planning Authorities often lack the capacity to enforce development control and therefore rely increasingly on participation.

The growing need to upgrade the city’s infrastructure is being hampered by the increasing amount of unplanned development taking place.

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Valuation and real estate market prices

Both of which are hills proximate to the city centre, yet provide a very pleasant environment with large gardens. The majority of prime houses in corporate and diplomatic hands are located in these areas. Bugolobi, Naguru, Mbuya and Tank Hill, lying further away from the city centre, cater for the upper/ middle market.

The apartments market in Kampala comprises city centre apartments on upper floors of commercial buildings, multi-unit complexes within large secured compounds and fully furnished serviced apartments. Prime apartments tend to appeal to shorter term expatriates seeking convenient accommodation, while the middle market, city centre range tends to be dominated by the Asian population.

In comparison to Nairobi, Kampala is a safe city, and the additional security offered by multi-unit complexes is therefore not as great a priority to most occupants. Serviced apartments have been the strongest performing sector in the residential market to date but are also the most sensitive to oversupply and economic circumstance, evident from the recent drop in demand and price for this sector.

Longer leases include reviews which can either be a pre-agreed fixed percentage increase, or to open market value. Rents for multi-units tend to be inclusive of service charges. The ever increasing supply of accommodation real estate valuation including the ongoing sale of Government housing stock, has been unmatched by demand, which has subsequently led to a decline in rental levels.

A three to four bedroom house can be rented for US$1,500-3,500 per month in Kololo and Nakasero, US$1,000- 2,500 per month in Bulgolobi, Naguru and Mbuya and US$500-1,500 per month in Tank Hill and Kansanga.

A two bedroom flat in Kololo would let for around US$1,300 per month. Rents for serviced apartments range from US$1,300 per month for a one bedroom apartment in Kololo to US$3,000 per month for a two bedroom apartment in the city centre.

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