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How property valuer Made Me A Better Salesperson

white is their motivations I just like this now this is key number one if you want to crack the codes either number one the most important thing is their motivation that’s the most important question my Jack got I’m get are them ISO what is there like a nation because the reality is if they’re truly not motivated they’re not gonna do anything within like it’s got to be willing to buy so-called.

Bali where it will Welland layette know if they’ve got six years lol whatever you’re gonna have a hard time getting yes that first thing is I’ve got like yeah I what their motivation yes it to you administrative questions about so it when I also agree on it house yeah it was taking it to your location they live in the San Gracefulness you need to be here was picking the San Diego what exciting so I’m just gathering.

11information I did I look innovations K so what number one he he got to get their motivation that a second day on understand his what is there thinking behind why they’re trying to do it themselves it what is there or what are they doing so I’m asking questions I don’t like their or what’s the idea what’s the issue wide are they wanted to do it themselves rather that highers professional some local what are they let me know.

let me thinking about so and the third thing that I’m gonna¬†West Cost Valuers dos I’m going to get there a mil grain or make talking to mes knoll grayer offers it was a no brainier operates I’m-whatever so are what well it was old. house and it all always a financial issue which means they want and that or maybe only to save the commission that may or may not be there response but the bottom line is head but like it they it you can let their losing my mind your pocket okay they’re going to the open to talking to you so here’s a very simple technique that uses that was crap and after identify what their motivation is and you have this very sequestration let me ask you this if I’m going to hell yeahs much or more money in your pocket-by selling ho would you consider interview or what I read it and yet.

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Fall In Love With property valuers

5you get in your car to go to work you getting your technology to deliver your information you keeps you know just imagine if you’re trying to be a real estate agent without a car you know fat chance you’ll succeed same thing technology is a vehicle you have to become a master not just good a master if you want the up agent because be blown away on a listing

we’re very fortunate on our listing appointments we for have a long we’ve already been per-selected and there’s no competition for the other hash are batting averages ninety-five percent that we get distinguished what the heck are we doing on most listing appointments we’re doing justification talking to you but we set and we talk you don’t have papers that we overshare our wisdom are information.

and we show them on our I asked my parents about their home in about that mean just how you can’t compete with us were one of the top agents in our little area without having that local expertise the problem is most people who are not updated don’t even know what’s up agents are doing which is why we thought this would be a valuable wave sharing those I sure want to know what other top agents are doing and Investigate the a trichinosis Alight I agree with everything that you involved in saying and I can.

I get DAT feedback on now you know sharing the information and about writing the technology wave on about becoming as automated system in Tyson Nicki but I think the one thing that I’ve always believed in myself is that I needed you two things oneis I needed to be different than the average agent and to was I needed to tell people why I was different yeah when I was different and I could tell them why I was different it helped.

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Unsecured Loans – Ensure Finance Without Risks

What does this say?AUDIENCE Brand name. ASWATH DOMODARAN Brand name– oh, that’s a big one.That’s $ right now.And if that doesn’t work, I have my two trump cards.What does this say?AUDIENCE Strategic consideration. ASWATH DOMODARAN Strategic– thatis the most dangerous word.When I hear the word, strategic, I’m running out of the door.Because you know what it means?

estate property

The numbers don’t fly, but I really, really,really want to do this.A strategic deal is a really stupid deal.But you really want to do this.A strategic buyer is a synonym for a stupid buyer– a buyerwho makes up his mind to buy somethingand then shows up at the table.And if nothing else works here is the trump cardthat always works.What does this say?AUDIENCE China.ASWATH DOMODARAN China.

Just mention the word.It’s amazing how common sense willleave through the other door.Take a look at earnings reports.Every company that reports it, even the most horrible,at the end they would say, but there’s China.Nothing about China, but there’s China.That alone doesn’t it.They said, China.OK, we’ll forget all of the facts.The fact that you’ve lost billions doesn’t matter.You have China.I call these weapons of mass distraction.You know they come out because the numbers don’t fly.In fact, I have a very simple test.When I read an analyst’s report, I count the number of times these words show up.I have a list of a dozen.And the more times these words show up,the less substance there is to that report,because this it’s what you use when you can’t come up with a real reason for doing something.So here’s my first proposition.It’s called the It Proposition. View more detail:

If it does not affect the cash flows and it does not affectrisk, it cannot affect values.And what’s it?Whatever it is controls synergy.I’m not saying, control doesn’t have value.But if you tell me control has value,tell me what it’s going to change.Maybe by controlling this company,you’re going to run it differently,generating different cash flows, maybe by synergy, saying,my revenues will grow faster.Let’s talk about specifics.

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